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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose waxing for hair removal?

For most, it is the comfort factor following the treatment. Our skin stays smoother for much longer when you have unwanted hair removed by waxing. Regrowth is slower and softer, and much less irritating than shaving. This is particularly the case with intimate waxing, where shaving regrowth can be particularly uncomfortable. Aesthetic reasons also come into play for many, with most preferring the completely smooth look waxing gives. Some also wax to ensure maximum comfort during sporting activities. It can eliminate chaffing, help with cleaning cuts and grazes, and just generally feels a lot more comfortable compared to any other form of hair removal

Does waxing hurt?

Most clients find that waxing is not nearly as uncomfortable as they expected. The momentary sensation when the wax is removed is the worst of it, and any discomfort is generally soothed by the application of a calming lotion when waxing has been completed. Subsequent hair removal within a 4-6 week time period becomes increasingly easier as the hair becomes softer and less coarse

Are services available to all?


All services are available to everyone. All genders, races, sizes and ages are welcome in the salon - there is no discrimination here and I am proud to be a safe space for all. If you have hair you would like removed, I will remove it - its as simple as that! The only thing I will not tolerate or accept is inappropriate or abusive behaviour, and if this does happen you will politely be asked to leave immediately

How old do I have to be to have waxing?

My insurance covers me to treat clients aged 11 and above. If you are under 16 you will need a parent or guardian to complete the consultation form (they will need to be present at your first appointment for this). Intimate waxing is only available for clients aged 18 and over. I do not have an upper age limit on clients, my eldest current client is 92! 

How do I prepare for waxing?

Firstly, your hair needs to be the ideal length for waxing. This is approximately 5-10mm long, usually around 2/3 weeks after last shaving, or 4/5 weeks after your last waxing. Please wait for the hair to be the ideal length before booking, if it is too short the results will be very underwhelming! If your hair is longer than 1cm, you can either trim this yourself at home to around 1cm (no shorter!), or I can trim for you at the beginning of your appointment. For best results, it’s advisable to exfoliate the area you’re going to wax 2-3 days before your appointment. An exfoliating scrub or a loofah (available in most supermarkets and pharmacies) are best, as these remove any dead skin cells, ensuring a better finished result

What should I wear to my waxing appointment?

Loose, comfortable clothing is best for any waxing appointment. The area being waxed will feel a little tender straight afterwards so something loose is best. Please also note that a tea tree oil is used on the skin after waxing, and although the excess is removed, there may be some residue - so please dont wear your best clothes in case of any oil transfer! 

What should I expect during my waxing appointment?

Upon arrival for your appointment, you will be taken straight to the treatment room and we will have a quick discussion to confirm the areas you are wanting waxed, and answer any questions you might have. If it makes you more comfortable, I can then leave the room to allow you to remove clothing ready for the appointment and return when you are ready, otherwise we will just get started straight away. For most areas of the body a high quality strip wax is used. For intimate areas I use a high quality peelable wax which is very gentle on your skin. For those particularly nervous or worried (especially regarding intimate waxing) please be assured discretion and respect are top of my list, there will be no embarrassment from my side meaning hopefully none on yours too. Please try and remember this is my profession and what I do day in, day out - there is nothing I haven't seen yet, and no question I haven't been asked!

Are there any conditions which mean I won’t be able to have a wax?

If you have any form of contagious skin condition I will be unable to wax the affected area until the condition has cleared up. Sunburned, chaffed or broken skin cannot be waxed until it is completely healed. Clients who are taking Accutane will need to delay having a wax treatment until at least six months after completing their medication. Skin that has been treated with steroid creams, Retin-A or any other retinoid acne products cannot be waxed for three months after the course of treatment has been completed.

Do I need to undress for waxing?

For chest/back/arm/underarm waxing, you will need to remove the top you are wearing only. For leg waxing you will need to remove your trousers/skirt but you can keep your underwear on. For intimate waxing (male and female), you will need to remove your underwear. 

Can I get waxed during pregnancy?

Waxing during pregnancy is perfectly safe. Some women do experience increased sensitivity during this time, but it is absolutely safe to do.

What happens if I get my period just before my wax?

All waxing can be performed while on your period, however its worth noting some clients do experience slightly more discomfort during this stage in their cycle. There is no problem carrying out intimate waxing during your period, its a very common occurrence and something I see regularly. Just pop in a tampon before your appointment and we will perform the treatment as usual. If you happen to come on your period during your wax, this is equally not a problem. I will give you time for a quick freshen up and to pop a tampon in, and carry on where we left off. If you would rather wait until your period has finished, just let me know with as much notice as possible and we can rearrange your appointment. Discharge is also completely normal during a wax- I see it all the time and it has no bearing on the result of the wax

What if I get an erection during my wax?

This is much more common than you may think. It’s a natural, involuntary reaction of the nervous system to being touched. I am used to it, will ignore it and carry on as normal. I don't get embarrassed when this happens, and I hope that you wont too

How long does waxing take?

That all depends on what area is being waxed, and how thick your hair is. As a guide, a full leg wax will take around 45 mins, an underarm wax around 10 mins and a back wax around 25 mins (on average). Intimate waxing (depending on the specific treatment) can take 30-45 minutes

Will I be 100% hairless after my first wax?

Waxing very rarely gives a 'perfect' result the first time as there are three phases to hair growth. To be removed successfully, hair has to be growing in a specific phase. It’s not until you’re waxed a 3rd or 4th time (4 – 6 weeks apart), that waxing is completely effective, as by this time most, if not all, of your hair will be in the same growth phase

Is there anything I need to do after waxing?

Yes. We recommend avoiding very hot showers, saunas and steam rooms and exercise for the first 24 hours. You can shower, just don’t make it too hot. Avoid direct sunlight and tanning for at least 1-2 days after waxing. After the first week, you should also exfoliate every few days and moisturise regularly to avoid ingrown hairs (please see Prep/Aftercare page for full list of recommendations)

If you have any further questions, or would like clarification on any of the points above, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us page

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